Pawdicure (Nail Grinding)

Using a Dremel tool, we carefully file the nail back, effectively getting closer to the quick and smoothing the rough edges from your dog nails. No more snagging on clothes or carpets, or scratching up the floors!

Pawdicure Plus (Nails and Foot/Pad Trims)

Elite feet for the high stepping Canine! We start off with a nail grinding session. We finish the paw off with a full foot and pad trim. We recommend this for when paw pads have become dry and rough, or when the surface tissue in paw pads tends to become hard, such as during the dry winter season.

Touch Up (Face Trim)

Neaten your dog up with their untidy hair around the face and eyes trimmed, and ear openings trimmed.

Ultimate Touch Up Package (Nails, Feet/Pad and Face Trim)

Your pet not ready for a full spa treatment? Get the Ultimate Touch Up for your pooch to look his or her best in the meantime! We'll cover your pets paws with nail grinding, and a foot/pad trim. On top of that, your pets bangs will get a trim and a clean up around the eyes and ears.

Royal Spaw Package (Full Body Groom - Scissor Cuts)

Our full body treatment offers everything your dog needs to look good both in and out of the park. This includes dead-hair removal, a nail trim, a between pads and paw trim, an ear cleanse with hair removal, shampooing with a natural shampoo that is suited to your dogs skin and coat, a warm blow dry, and a top quality scissoring spray topped off with a custom coat styling with high end scissors.

Spoiled Dog Package (Full Body Groom - Clipdown)

This service includes a bath, blow dry, ears (cleaned and hair removal), nail trim, furcut with clippers (3 different blade lengths) and finishing details.

Squeaky Clean Package (Bath, Brush and Trim)

Recommended for when your pet doesn't require a furcut. Includes a relaxing bath, complete with massage, of high quality natural shampoos and conditioners. This is followed by a complete blow out and brush out to rid excess fur from shedding. We also clean out the ears, trim the nails and face and sanitary. This package should be used between full groom services to remove dead hair, help prevent matting, and keep your dog's coat in top condition.

The "D-Shed" Treatment (Bath, Brush and De-Shed)

Tired of dog hair stuck to your clothes? Flying fur got you down? Have no fear! The de-shedding treatment is here! We begin with our professional strength "Dshed" shampoo and conditioning treatment and continue on to the Dshed Solution, which is a de-shedding rinse that lifts the undercoat off of the skin and helps to release excess hair. It leaves the skin and coat smooth and manageable. We also include a nail and ear cleaning. After a warm air drying, we move on to a vigorous manual de-shedding using professional stripping tools to remove all that pesky under coat. We then finish with an anti-static spray to discourage any loose hairs from sticking to cloth surfaces.

We do not do anal gland expression, as we and the Saskatchewan Veterinarian Association believe this is a vet procedure.

All grooming procedures assure the pet is at its safest. We put cotton in their ears during drying time and never leave dogs unattended on a grooming table or bath tub. We have two different ways of drying if the pet is scared, and play soft nature music.

We have fenced in dog pee area of pea rock gravel to keep it sanitized, and two holding kennels with a tarp outside.

We can also do one day doggie daycare for a fee if you have to run errands, or would like to play golf at Delisle or Pike Lake golf courses.


We realize every owner's and dog's needs are different, so if you still have any questions about our grooming services, please call us and we will be happy to help answer anything.


I have been going to Jolene to have my small dogs groomed for over 10 years. She is an excellent groomer and also very caring about the pets she has entrusted into her care. I really appreciate her expertise. I highly recommend her services.Pat - Saskatoon, SK

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